Welcome to the ultra-short website of the universally acclaimed novelist and playwright Michael Bijnens.

If you want to read my books, please go to a bookstore. You will find them in various parts of the city. Especially the ones that are not managed by big chains come highly recommended.

Any interest in seeing one of my plays? Maybe you could find one on the internet. The marketing teams of the theater companies I work for are very good at getting out relevant news.

For further questions feel free to visit the website of my publishing company www.uitgeverijpluim.nl. They are the best publishing company in the known universe.

My own e-mailadress is michaelbijnens (at) gmail.com. You could even give me a call at 00 32 489 34 19 00 or 00 31 6 14 27 66 16. Thanks for thinking of me!