MasterMichael Bijnens Cinderellaful epos about the son of a prostitute who must deal with his dominant mother

The son of a whore opens a brother and so becomes his mothers’ pimp. Welcome to the Cinderella, a family business in which whores are sacred and criminals do not know their penis from their pistol. In this world, a son tries to save his mother from the irreparable trauma of her existence, an endeavor that puts him at risk of losing not only her, but also himself.

The confrontations between mother and son are embedded in a panoramic tableau of the Flemish underworld. The book also features a carnival procession of characters who all excel in awkward tragedy. Cinderella is an expenasive novel written in raw and flowery prose about life in a brothel and the inescapable bond between mother and child.

Michael Bijnens (born 1990) grew up as the son of an Antwerp prostitute. He graduated from theatre school in Brussels before quickly making his name as a playwright. To research his last two plays he travelled to Lebanon and to Mexico, where he stayed for months in the drug violence-ridden border region with the United States. Cinderella is Bijnens’ debut novel.

Praise for Cinderella:

‘The fiercest, most insane prose I have read in years. Prose on speed. No, on speed, lsd and alcohol. A completely wild film.’ Peter Verhelst, author of Tonguecat

‘A unique combination of excitement and compulsiveness.’ Joost Vandecasteele, author of Mass

On Michael Bijnens’ theatre work:

La Linea is a fascinating, brooding stage thriller in which both audience and actors are occasionally submerged in Bijnens’ pitch-black portrait of the eternal short circuit between human wickedness and goodness.’ – Knack

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